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ORBID limited is a company specializing in Brand Protection and Security. ORBID has created an encrypted marker technology that overtly or covertly identifies, secures, tracks, and authenticates data, documents, and products. ORBID's patented 2DMI technology has been utilized and proven successful for over ten years by companies facing Gray Market Sales, Diversion, Counterfeiting and Warranty Fraud.

ORBID's 2DMI technology leads the security industry in ease of implementation and affordability without compromise or major intrusion to current operational processes. ORBID's solutions are easily integrated with SAP and PkMS and can be seamlessly adopted by wholesalers, distributors and even retailers to help maintain the integrity of the entire supply chain.

ORBID ltd. is uniquely positioned in this market to help brand owners solve multiple problems with a patented, proprietary technology for unique identification, track and trace.
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Our Solution: 2DMI

- Covert to 10 microns
- Encrypted
- Highly Secure
- Scalable
- Integrated SAP & PKMS
- Logistically Simple
- Proven for 10+ years
- Protecting Major Brands
- Quadrillion combinations per user
Few security technologies today allow the brand owner to securely, covertly, uniquely identify each item that they produce. ORBID 2DMI solves this piece of the puzzle by creating highly secure and unique individual marks that can be applied to any surface from as small as 10 microns up to meters in size if necessary.

To reduce Counterfeit, Warranty Fraud and Diversion of products a brand owner must be able to uniquely identify, track and trace each individual unit, carton, case and shipment of their product. To effectively do this the individual items must be uniquely identified through the product lifecycle from manufacture, through distribution to retail and potentially to the end user.